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About MillionaireBarber

Uchendi “Chin” Nwani is the CEO and founder of the International Barber & Style College and author of two published books, of which the latest is “The Millionaire Barber Stylist”. He received his Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Tennessee State University. Chin has been a licensed Master Barber for over 25 years and School owner/Instructor for over 17 years. His business tools are highly affordable and easy to use, so they can help you get from where you are to where you want to be…


Price: $20.00

The Millionaire Barber Stylist was written for you if you are ready to
Move beyond working behind the chair and begin to find your own world of financial freedom.
Make significant changes in your life.
Take control of your financial future.
Open your own barber or styling school. Open your own barber or styling salon.

Price: $20.00

Answers to questions such as……
1. What success factors made him a millionaire?
2. How and why he changed his life.
3. What he did while in prison.
4. What he did when he was released from prison.
5. How he prepared himself for the free world.
6. How he found his ideal vocation to make money.

The Road Map To Opening A Successful Barber Styling School System
Price: $995.00

“The Road Map To Opening A Successful Barber Styling School System” shows you step by step how to easily open a highly profitable Barber Styling School, become Accredited and receive Grants/Financial Aid in the fastest way possible (hurdle free).

Price: $99.00

With my How to Write a Book Training Course you will learn:

7 Days To Easy $$ Get paid To Write A Book
How To Write & Publish Your Own Books
How I Made $92,500 Before I even Wrote My Book.

The Ultimate Barber Business Blueprint
Price: $99.00


  • Completed business plan and booth rental template.
  • Full credit repair kit + barber employee handbook
  • How to attract more clients
  • Social media tips
  • and more..!

The Ultimate Stylist Business Blueprint
Price: $99.00


  • Completed business plan and booth rental template.
  • Full credit repair kit + Stylist employee handbook
  • How to attract more clients
  • Social media tips
  • and more..!

How To Become A Champion Barber by David “DL” Hiland
Price: $20.00

Become The Barber Other People Want a Piece of and Can’t Live Without- Learn how to Present, Package and Sell Your Gift.
Authored by David “DL” Hiland, this book helps reqular Barbers become Champion Barbers.

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Complete Road Map To Opening A Successful Barber Styling School Print
(3 Part System all on USB Drives – Or Digital Download)
(Top Seller)

This “turn-key” package gives you proven step-by-step manuals, complete school business plan,how to build a unique
and profitable Barber & Styling School, school accreditation blue print, financial aid/grants blue print, complete school
policy procedure manual, complete salon business plan, complete booth rental contracts, front desk operations and much more.

An Experience Of A Lifetime-2 Day Workshop

  • Learn How to turnaround an under-performing Campus to Empowering a fast growing institution.
  • We provide a unique combination of experience and expertise in: Accreditation, Licensure, Financial Aid Assistance, Admissions and Computer Software Systems.
  • We pride ourselves on assisting institutions to confront and resolve difficult issues and navigate the regulatory process in order to manage and avoid problems.
  • The class is taught by experience speakers that know the Barber-Beauty College business and what it takes to be successful in todays challenging and high compliance world.

Learn the secrets and shortcuts of running a barber and styling school

Price: $1,995.00

Complete Road Map To Opening A Successful Barber Styling School
(Helping School Owners Move To The Next Level)

Live one on one weekly Coaching to guide and answer all of your questions

If you’re serious about making a massive leap in both your schools daily operations, accreditation and financial aid, and have reached a point where you’re ready to commit to doing whatever it takes, this online course opportunity might be right for you.

Velma Demonbreun’s proven million dollar making school systems (After implementing her system, my school grew from 6 students to the largest barber school in the country). Your school will operate like a smooth running oil machine.

This is your opportunity to share with me your school projects, what you’re working on, what your goals are, what your frustrations are… and get direct feedback, advice and a game plan based on our years of experience.

I help school owners maximize their potential and specialize in turning barbers/styling school owners into millionaires and dominate their market. I focus on key areas in a unique way and take complicated growth and make it simple for everyone to understand and grasp. I deeply enjoy moving current school owners to operating at their maximum level.

Our results include helping school owners double their revenue. We helped current school owners achieve accreditation, receive grants/financial aid and grow their school to over a million dollars in revenue per year. The unique growth model is featured in our new book “The Millionaire Barber Stylist” (Co-written by Velma Demonbreun).

Learn how he become the leading school in the hair industry. Topics include: how to build loyal followers, how to become an invaluable asset to others in your industry, how to brand yourself as the a leader in your industry and how to become a magnate for money in your industry.

(Why Me? Because the strategies that my mentor Velma Demonbreun taught me years ago helped me retire from behind the chair, start a school, become accredited and become the largest barber school in the country).

If you feel you are ready for me to Coach you and you know this could be exactly what YOU need to take your life and career to the next level, then email me at for your initial consultation.

-Accreditation assistance

Learn the Step by Step process for accreditation

Learn the Onsite inspection visit for accreditation

Tips and secrets from experience of school accreditation inspections

Price: $4,999.00

How to Write a Book and Become a Published Author

With the “How to Write a Book Training Course” you will learn:

  • 7 Days To Easy $$ Get paid To Write A Book.
  • How To Write & Publish Your Own Books.
  • How I Made $92,500 Before I even Wrote My Book Without Using Any Of My $$.
  • Copywriting Secrets From The Master.
  • Checklist to Avoid Common Publicity Mistakes and Have Maximum Success.
  • How To Get A Feature Story Coverage in Major Magazines.
  • Instant Press Releases & Pitch Letters.
  • Steps To Public Speaking Extraordinaire.
  • Free Marketing Tools.
  • Public Speaking Terror to Triumph.
  • Speaking Contract.

Social Media Marketing for Barbers & Stylists

This course shows you step by step how to easily market and brand your business, increase revenue, stand out from the crowd, transform your image in the fastest way possible (hurdle free). I have wasted thousands of dollars and a few years on over priced training workshops and materials to finally find what does and does not work in the social media barber styling world today.
Everyday I receive emails from barbers and stylist who want to increase business and brand themselves, so they can attract clients instead of chasing clients. They had no blueprint or effective plan in place to create something substantial enough. They want to know how I was able to attract business instead of chasing business, brand myself and make money using FREE Social Media as FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, LINKEDIN, TWITTER, ect. How did I convert followers into paying clients.
The social media system is very simple and is an easy to read step by step guide that outlines only the most important things you need to know without all the sidetracks, and technical pitfalls most will usually encounter during their journey for marketing with social media.